Health Equalities Group welcomes a new Public Health Bill which has been introduced in Wales today, which will introduce important regulations regarding tobacco products and e-cigarettes.

A key part of the Bill will see people banned from using e-cigarettes in enclosed public spaces such as restaurants, pubs and workplaces throughout Wales.

Other elements of the Bill that will target tobacco products and e-cigarettes will mean:

  • Shops will have to join a register for retailers of tobacco and e-cigarettes- aimed at stopping illegal sales to under-18s.
  • It will be an offence to 'hand-over' tobacco and e-cigarettes to children- and this will include online sales.

Chief Executive of the Health Equalities Group, Robin Ireland, appeared on BBC Three Counties Radio and Heart FM and backed the Welsh Public Health Bill, saying:

"While e-cigarettes are likely to be a safer alternative to traditional tobacco products, it is our concern that their widespread use in public spaces will lead to the renormalisation of smoking behaviours."

"After years of successful tobacco control measures that have reduced smoking prevalence amongst the population, it is important that this success is not reversed by the indiscriminate use of e-cigarettes in public places."

"Given this, we welcome today's Welsh Public Health Bill and call upon legislators in England to consider introducing similar measures as soon as possible."

So as Wales introduces these new measures, find out how Health Equalities Group's Breathing Space programme can help you to ensure that your workforce are protected from second hand smoking and vaping in the workplace.

Click here to find out more about Breathing Space.

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