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Slogan settingsOur health is deeply influenced by our surroundings. The environments in which we work, rest and play offer the opportunity to incorporate health promotion and interventions. From stadia and recreation grounds to schools and workplaces Health Equalities Group is well versed in adapting settings to promote health and wellbeing.


We spend most of our lives in work. Unhealthy workplaces are proven to have a detrimental impact on individual health.

Working with employers we have turned workplaces into ‘healthy havens’, improving the health of staff, leading to reduced absenteeism and improved efficiency.

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Breathing Space


Homes should be a haven of health.

Our bespoke programmes such as 'Breathing Space' help to make the home a healthy environment; protecting residents and visitors from second-hand smoke and other health harms.

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Breathing Space

Hearty Lives


Community participation is essential to the success of healthy settings.

Parks and playgrounds offer ideal locations to promote healthy behaviours. Our pioneering, award-winning, Smokefree Playgrounds initiative is a perfect example of Parks as health promoting locations.

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Green Space Review

Play Smokfree


Sport plays an important role within society and sporting stadia are iconic within their communities.

Millions of people across Europe attend a sports stadium each week to watch their team, to work, to volunteer or to use the stadium’s facilities.
Sports clubs and their stadia are in a unique position to influence the health and behaviour of fans, employees and those living in the surrounding communities.

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Healthy Stadia Catering Mark

Smokefree Squad

Healthy Stadia



Hospitals should, by their very nature, be health promoting environments.

And yet time and again it is evident that hospitals are dominated by unhealthy influences from junk food to smoking at entrances.

Health Equalities Group has spent the past decade working with hospitals and other secondary care settings to introduce policies and practices that create healthy environments.

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Smokefree Hospital Project

Nourish Hopital Project


Schools offer an excellent health promotion setting.

Childhood is often the period during which lifestyle risk factors such as smoking and unhealthy diet become normalised.

By creating healthy school environments we are able to make significant strides in tackling lifestyle risk factors amongst children and young people.

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Good Fats, Bad Fats

Nursery Nutrition project