Today I Can - Supporting people with mental health issues to stop smoking

'Today I Can’ is a stop smoking resource made by service users for service users with the help and support of the carers, family and friends.

A DVD tells their stories about why they decided to reduce or quit and offers tips and advice that have worked for them.Today I Can LogoToday I Can DVD and accompanying materials

Smoking rates amongst people with a mental health disorder are significantly higher than in the general population and there is growing evidence to show a strong association between smoking and mental health disorders. As a result of high smoking rates, people with a mental health disorder also have high mortality rates compared to the general population. Ash, 2013

A DVD tells the stories of seven service users who have successfully quit or cut down their tobacco intake. The stories inform others about the positive benefits that quitting smoking can bring. By sharing their experiences, the service users hope that they can encourage and inspire others to stop smoking.

The DVD is for anyone who has all is experiencing mental health issues and is considering stopping smoking, including carers, family and friends. The accompanying guide showcases the stories in the DVD and provides information for people who want more support on their journey to stop smoking


Today I can from Heart of Mersey on Vimeo.

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