Smokefree Squad - Developing Smokefree Squad partnerships

Developing Smokefree Squad partnerships in your area to benefit your fans, workforce and local communities

Smokefree Squad is a proven smoking cessation programme for use by professional sports clubs that trains stadium stewards and community staff in ‘brief intervention’ techniques. The training gives staff the skills to engage fans and local communities with simpler advice on the benefits of quitting smoking, and the availability of free support from stop smoking services. In addition to the brief intervention training, the campaign is complemented through a set of bespoke social marketing materials, which are customised to the participating club’s logo and colours.

Smoke Free Squad LogoSmoke Free Squad branding

The Health Equalities Group can develop Smokefree Squad campaigns with you local professional sports and in partnership with local councils and stop smoking services.

The programme has been shown to have tangible results in terms of the significant amount of fans engaged, referrals to stop smoking services, and the number of people to have successfully quit smoking after initial contact with ‘Smokefree Squad’ advocates.

Members of our Smokefree Squad programme team would be very happy to speak to your club, local health commissioners and stop smoking services about how we can develop successful Smokefree Squad partnerships in your area, benefitting your fans, workforce and local communities.

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