Smokefree homes and cars - Reducing exposure to secondhand smoke

The Health Equalities Group has worked with a number of local councils to reduce child and adult exposure to secondhand smoke by increasing the number of homes becoming smokefree.

For example, in St Helens, residents were encouraged to make their homes and cars smokefree and sign a pledge form to show their commitment to help protect children and families from secondhand smoke. In support of this resources were produced and almost 400 staff received training.

For children, the majority of exposure to secondhand smoke happens in the home. Over 20 percent of children in the UK live in a household where at least one person smokes. Children exposed to passive smoke are at higher risk of respiratory infections, asthma, bacterial meningitis and cot death.

Secondhand smoke has been linked to around 165,000 new cases of disease among children in the UK each year.
The Health Equalities Group can deliver multicomponent interventions in support of reducing exposure to secondhand smoke in your area.

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