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The UK leads the way in global attempts to curtail smoking.

However translating policy and legislation into practical action can be a challenge. Our award-winning smoking interventions bridge this divide and have been highly successful in driving forward local action on tobacco.

Our portfolio below demonstrates that breadth and scope of our smoke free projects which can be readily adapted to meet your needs.


Today I Can - Supporting people with mental health issues to stop smoking

'Today I Can’ is a stop smoking resource made by service users for service users with the help and support of the carers, family and friends.

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Smokefree Squad - Developing Smokefree Squad partnerships

Developing Smokefree Squad partnerships in your area to benefit your fans, workforce and local communities

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Breathing Space - protecting staff, service users and their families from secondhand smoke

Breathing Space will give you the knowhow and tools to protect your staff, clients and their family from exposure to second-hand smoke in the home, encourage smokers to quit smoking and seek help from local stop smoking services.

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Smokefree hospitals - Supporting hospitals to become completely smokefree

Secondary care providers have a duty of care to protect the health of, and promote healthy behaviour among, people who use or work in their services.

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Electronic cigarettes - providing insight

The availability, advertising and use of e-cigarettes have increased dramatically in the UK in recent years, helped by an absence of regulation on their sale and promotion. This has raised concerns around their potential to cause harm to young people, including through acting as a gateway to tobacco smoking.

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Play Smokefree - Developing, implementing and evaluating the voluntary smokefree codes

Three out of four children are aware of cigarettes before they reach the age of five, irrespective of whether or not the parents smoke. However, if young people see smoking as a normal part of everyday life, they are more likely to become smokers themselves.

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Breathe Free, Feel Good - Delivering a stop smoking brief intervention for people with COPD

Breathe Free – Feel Good is a stop smoking programme for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The programme was developed to increase health professionals’ knowledge and skills of how to support COPD patients to stop smoking and refer those who want to quit to a local Stop Smoking Service.

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Smokefree homes and cars - Reducing exposure to secondhand smoke

The Health Equalities Group has worked with a number of local councils to reduce child and adult exposure to secondhand smoke by increasing the number of homes becoming smokefree.

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