Healthy Stadia

European Healthy Stadia Network CIC (Healthy Stadia) is a social enterprise based in the UK with associate organisations in another 13 European countries, working with amateur and professional sports clubs, governing bodies of sport and local government agencies to develop sports clubs as health promoting settings.

Working with sports organisations in the UK since 2004, and with European clubs and governing bodies since 2007, Healthy Stadia helps to develop match day operations policies in support of health (e.g. healthier food options), community and fan engagement projects (e.g. men's health), and initiatives helping to improve club / stadium workforce health (e.g. annual health checks).

In addition to developing guidance documentation, toolkits and undertaking bespoke 'Healthy Stadia Assessments' with clubs, Healthy Stadia also shares examples of current good practice amongst its membership of 300+ stadia, and advocates on key public health issues within sport. Key activities and support services include:

  • Healthy Stadia Assessment Tool: benchmarking of health policies & practices at clubs/stadia, with follow up recommendations & action plan
  • Direct support for sports stadia, clubs & governing bodies in the implementation of health policies & practices at sports venues
  • Programme management and partner recruitment for community health projects in line with local health needs, e.g. Targeting childhood obesity
  • Development of guidance documents and sharing of good practice case studies amongst Network members, e.g. Active travel guidance
  • Advocacy for policy change and legislation improving levels of health through sports settings e.g. Smoke-free stadia across Europe

Healthy Stadia receives funding from the World Heart Federation, through its role as official health partner in UEFA's Football and Social Responsibility (FSR) partnership portfolio. Healthy Stadia has also coordinated and delivered work packages for 5 EU funded projects in the cross-cutting fields of sport and health, and is involved in the annual EU Week of Sport each September.

To find out more about our work, how to join our Network, and how we can help your organisation, take a look at our website or contact us directly.

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