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The Fit 4 Health project involves institutional organizations and sport associations from five EU countries: Italy, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Finland and Croatia. Healthy Stadia (Health Equalities Group) are the partner organisation for the United Kingdom and are the lead organisation for one work programme.

The project is funded by the European Commission in the framework of the Preparatory Actions European Partnerships On Sport - EAC/S03/. The project is concerned with healthy sport promotion among young athletes within the context of the World Health Organisation definition: "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity ".

The general objective of the project is to contribute to the creation of Healthy-sports Improving Prevention and Protection especially in Young athletes (hereinafter HIPPY) avoiding side-effects of sport practice as injuries and overtraining.

The full success of the project will consist in the achievement of the objectives presented hereafter. Appropriate Milestones are set to verify in an objective and measurable way the achievement of each.

Objective 1 - To contribute to make light on training and competition conditions of young athletes (14-19 years old) in terms of health condition, injury prevention, safety and security in different areas and 5 sport disciplines through a field survey.

Objective 2 - To set out and to exchange education/training initiatives for risk assessment and injury prevention/protection related to sport activities for young athletes concerning some basic tasks for safety trainings and competitions and others specific risks with an high impact on drop out from sports and public health;

  • Tailored physical preparation;
  • Coaching (mental wellbeing);
  • Nutrition, lifestyles and doping.

Objective 3 - To engage local stakeholders in a user needs analysis (field survey and SWOT analysis) through the planning, and implementation of five different sport young athletes tournaments organised in each country (8 teams minimum).

Objective 4 - To improve local stakeholders' awareness on project issues inviting them to initiatives towards the promotion of physical and moral integrity among young athletes by means of the planning and implementing five thematic workshops (one in each country of partnership) assuming that training is first step of prevention.

Objective 5 - To give a contribute for the healthy sport providing "golden rules" for safety standards for individual athletes valid for all sports disciplines and the realisation of a guidance document covering risk analysis, management, prevention and protection of 5 disciplines (volleyball, cricket, Finnish pesäpallo , athletic and basketball).

You can find further information on the Fit4Health website

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