EU sport and physical activity projects


Eurofit is an EU funded project designed to harness the personal connection, loyalty and attachment many men feel to football and their club to attract them to health-promoting lifestyle change programmes.

The project began in November 2013 and will run until 2018 (60 months).

Health Equalities Group (Healthy Stadia) are the implementation lead partner for the UK.

EuroFIT Clubs MeetingEuroFIT Clubs MeetingFootball can change lives. Europeans have a strong relationship with football and to the clubs they follow. Each week, across Europe, around 20.2 million people, mostly men, attend matches in the top 50 leagues. They celebrate or despair as their club rises or falls through league tables; their allegiance to their team is often lifelong and cross-generational. EuroFIT seeks to harness this devotion to improve the health of men around Europe.

EuroFIT's overall aim is to establish, extend, promote and enhance the social partnerships which provide the setting for delivery of an innovative public health programme.

eurofit logo small 340x156In short, the project will create a new social partnership between football clubs, fans, local resources, and researchers to address the problems of physical inactivity, sedentary behaviour, and poor diet.

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