Contribution of local policies (including physical activity) on CVD and other diseases

This report came at an exciting and challenging time for public health, in Liverpool and across the rest of the country.

Not a day goes by without the media spotlight falling on another public health issue: the ‘obesity epidemic’; ‘binge drinking’; the content of fast food; or the ‘playstation generation’ are just some of the recent examples. It seems easy to point the finger at single issues, and prescribe simple solutions. But it has been said that “for every complex problem, there’s a simple solution — and it’s almost always wrong”. So how do we go about finding the most appropriate ways to tackle public health issues? Do we rely on the published evidence for ‘what works’? Do we seek consensus from leading players in the field? or do we go with what we think might work best according to local conditions?

This report brings together evidence from international literature and the opinions of local policy makers, to create achievable, evidence-based recommendations for policy action. The recommendations are therefore a realistic assessment of the policy changes that are likely to be both feasible and effective within the city of Liverpool.

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